3DS Back on top in Japanese Hardware sales

Undoubtedly spurred on by the July 14th release of StarFox 3D, the 3DS had a killer sales week in Japan, taking back top spot from the PSP.

July 10th-17th Hardware sales in Japan

3DS   46,637

PSP  26,551

PS3  23,322

Wii  14,237

DSi LL  4,693

DSi  4,384

360  1,734

PS2  1,405

DS Lite  131

PSP Go  14 


Of course down here at the bottom of the list we have some fun as well, where did they find those 131 DS Lites?  And who are the 14 people that decided NOW was the time to buy a PSP Go?

And, if we add these numbers to the North American and European numbers, the chart ends up like this:

PS3                 123,863

Wii                  120,946

Xbox 360    107,475

DS (all )         104,275

3DS                 89,844

PSP                 75,190

Keep in mind the PSP and DS numbers include all of the various iterations.  What I think we can clearly see here are two things:  Japan has adopted the 3DS much more readily than North America and Japan, and that software sells systems!  Seriously Nintendo, we need more 3DS games, even if they’re rehashes!



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