Rockband 3 to get Re-release from MadCatz

Rock Band 3 was made by Harmonix and MTV.  They have since parted ways, noe more Rock Band 3 is being made.  MadCatz, makers of peripherals for the series, weren’t such big fans of it going away, so they’ve decided to re-release it this holiday season.

We are pleased to assume publishing responsibilities for Rock Band 3 this holiday season. Rock Band is the ultimate interactive experience for any music fan, whether they’re looking for a great party game to share with friends, playing through Rock Band’s 3000 plus song library, or seeking out a fun way to learn guitar, drum or keyboard skills using Rock Band 3’s PRO Mode

Music games aren’t dead, but they are on a bit of MadCatz life support, should be interesting to see if sales make it actually worth it this holiday season.




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