Rock Out With Link & Co.

Who among fans of The Legend of Zelda can’t recognize its music when the first bars are played of any score? There’s even an entire orchestral show dedicated to Zelda music, so it’s no surprise that many of the fans themselves produce their own music and cover arrangements.

Recently, one fan and artist decided to create a “post-rock inspired rearrangement of Koji Kond’s music”, creating a new flavour and feel to the iconic scores.

The artist is Cory Johnson, and his album is unmistakably titled The Legend of Zelda. If you’re interested, take a free listen on Bandcamp, where you can also download the whole thing. There are 23 tracks in total, covering recognizable themes, level-specific music, and more.

Reaction from the fan community has been good so far, so it sounds like a must-listen for Zelda fans. Here at Nintendo Fire, we haven’t heard it yet, but we’re definitely looking forward to it!


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