Sales Increase for 3DS in American Charts

If you’re a big data geek, you’ve probably kept up with the monthly NPD data release, showing us the sales details for American sales of gaming software and hardware. This month there were plenty of other platform games released, so while we didn’t seen Nintendo titles in the top ten for software sales, there’s something else to celebrate.

The outlook is still positive for Nintendo of America, because the 3DS was the only system to show a year-on-year increase as compared to May 2011. There was a 17% improvement since last year, and the website has estimated that the 3DS’s sales for May were likely then around 113,000 units sold.

No, it’s not as high as the Xbox 360, but considering that last May wasn’t too far off the 3DS launch, this is a good sign that the 3DS has gained some ground and some consistency among the public as a worthwhile console that’s worth spending time and money on.


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