Japan Gets More Fire Emblem DLC

And you don’t. So there.

Considering that Fire Emblem: Kakusei isn’t even available in North America at this point, that’s not really a surprise. But in Japan, where the game has been out for some time, this is the second round of DLC content – which again isn’t a surprise, considering how much of a huge success the game has been in Japan.

The turn-based RPG from Intelligent Systems will see the content later this week, releasing on August 9th and titled Kamigunshi e no Michi (yeah, we don’t know what that means either), will have new maps, new story aspects, and new situations for your characters.

North America & Europe will have to sit tight for now and wait for their release, whenever that is… but considering the success the game has had so far and the continuing developer support with new content, it’ll likely be worth the wait.


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