“Emergency Maintenance” for Nintendo Online Services Tomorrow

Following in the recent monthly trend of Nintendo online functionality maintenance, there’s another round coming late today/tomorrow (depending on where you live).

The range of services that will be affected seems to suggest that there won’t be any newly visible changes; it’s likely a back-end update all around. And don’t get too anxious, because the term “emergency” chosen for the American announcement wasn’t shared by Nintendo UK, who are calling it “Temporary Maintenance.”

Will this actually affect you? Maybe. Here are the update times using North American EST:

1)      Tuesday, Feb. 26th – 2AM – 8PM EST

Services Affected: Nintendo DS, Network Services, Pokemon Black & White, Pokemon Black & White Version 2

2)      Tuesday, Feb. 26th – 7PM – 8PM EST

Services Affected: Wii U, Matching Making, Ranking (etc.), NINJA GAIDEN 3: Razor’s Edge, WARRIORS OROCHI 3 Hyper

As usual, parts of the services may be unavailable during the update period. But go ahead and play your 3DS to your heart’s content, as it has seemed to get away scot free this time around.


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