Ubisoft says Watch_Dogs Can Be Played Offline

While plenty of noise has been made about the connectivity features of Ubisoft’s upcoming Watch_Dogs title, Ubisoft has jumped in to let everyone know that an internet connection isn’t necessary to be able to enjoy the game. In an effort to ease concerns, they’ve reassured potential players that the entire single player campaign can be completed all by yourself… no internets required!

Of course, Ubisoft Montreal does believe that you can get the most out of the game by connecting and playing with others, as the game supports a blend of single player and multiplayer, allowing others to “hack” into your game to manipulate the world around you. And if that’s not enough, you’ll be able to connect to the game with your smart phone.

But Dominic Guay, Ubisoft Montreal’s senior producer, says that the game can be played “completely offline if you want.”

So, there you go. No social anxiety necessary!


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