Celaphopod Phobics, Turn Away Now

For those of you who don’t shudder at the thought of tentacles, deep ocean, and RPGs… you’re in luck. The Game Bakers’ Squids may be just the game for you, coming to the 3DS and Wii U eShops this summer.

Originally, Squids was released for iOS and other mobile devices, as well as the PC. Nintendo’s versions will be almost the same as the originals, but also will have levels from the game’s sequel, Squids Wild West. And if that’s not enough squidy goodness, there will be new levels and new characters too.

How does the game work? It’s simple enough—pull back on your celaphopod’s squishy tentacles and let them slip and slide around levels, crashing into enemies. Yes, it’s kind of like Angry Birds. But with less air and more water.

The RPG aspect of the game comes from stat management, as players need to manage the stamina of each of their squid, as well as make choices about special attacks.

It sounds simple enough, but if Angry Birds has taught us anything, it’s that simple, well-made games can get mighty addictive.


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