Nintendo Reveals Kickstarter Parody “Crowdfarter”

Kickstarter seems to be everywhere you turn these days, for better or for worse. Staying relevant as possible to their fan base, Nintendo has jumped on the bandwagon, but not in the way one might expect.

Instead, Nintendo has produced a parody website as part of its marketing promos for their upcoming title Game & Wario.

The site is titled “Crowdfarter” ( , and encourages visitors to let others know about the Game & Wario title for the Wii U through Facebook and Twitter. If you share news, you earn coins, and of course there are a number of “stretch goals” to reward the eager participants—things like free wallpaper, an exclusive game trailer, or a ringtone.

Wario himself has humbly dubbed this game “the best Wii U game ever”, and if you can’t trust a cartoon video game character, who can you trust? Game & Wario will be available on June 23rd, so get out there and get crowdfarting!


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