Mario Kart Experience Saves Three Lives

If there was ever any doubt that video gaming is actually beneficial—honing skills that can be used for real-life experience—this news story should put many opposing voices to rest.

Earlier this week, 10-year-old Gryffin Sanders and his 4-year-old younger brother were riding in the car with his 74-year-old grandmother in Colorado. Without warning, the woman passed out while driving, leaving Gryffin to grab the wheel and gain control of the car before it could veer into oncoming traffic.

Gryffin was then able to steer the car to the side of the road and down into a muddy ditch, all while the car traveled at approximately 60 miles per hour. Miraculously, none of the three—or any other cars or drivers—were hurt at the end of this incident… which could have been horrifyingly tragic, should Gryffin not have snatched the wheel and done what he did.

And what did this 10-year-old have to say about his quick thinking and remarkable driving skills in the midst of a stressful situation? He credited his fast thinking and problem solving to playing Mario Kart!

 “My mom actually told me after, ‘I’m so glad that you turned into the ditch.’ I guess I just had the instincts not to [freak out].  My first thought was actually… ‘is this a test, or what?’”

Reaction times and decision making skills from video gaming, proven in real life!

Thank goodness there were no blue shells on the road.


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