Newcomers to Ace Attorney Series Won’t Feel Lost

While the new game to the franchise, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney—Dual Destinies, is already available in Japan (and topping the charts, no less!), it will be coming to North America in the Fall in the 3DS eShop. This offering will be the very first title from this series to release since 2008, so it’s entirely possible that for a lot of players, this will be the first time they’ve experienced a Phoenix Wright game.

It might be daunting for some of these potential new players to give the new game a shot, knowing that there’s a whole slew of back titles that they haven’t played—it may deter them from trying the game at all. However, an interview with Game Trailers and the game’s producer, Motohide Eshiro, reveals that the new game Dual Destinies will be perfect for newcomers. They “won’t feel lost” if this is their first time playing a Phoenix Wright game.

“If you start with Dual Destinies you really won’t feel that lost. It is a brand new story we have revamped the user interface and done a couple of other tweaks to make the it a little more user friendly for newcomers. What we haven’t done is made the game easier, because that wasn’t what we were trying to do. But I think we did succeed in making it easier to get into and I would even suggest that playing this one first and then going back and playing the older ones on your DS or iOS or something like that is a perfectly legitimate way to enjoy the series as well. I think this one would be a pretty good starting point actually.”

And as for the future of the series?

“I can tell you that once it’s out there and once we see what people think, we’ll have a good idea on what direction to go in next. I personally love the Ace Attorney universe. I don’t want it to end, I don’t think it will end with this. Exactly what shape it will take remains to be seen – can’t talk too much about that now, but I highly doubt this will be the end of Ace Attorney and Phoenix Wright.”

So, if you haven’t played a Phoenix Wright game before and were hesitant about giving the new title a shot… there’s no need to worry! You should be able to jump right in and enjoy the experience without confusion.


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