Miiverse Now More Like Nintendo-Twitter

Miiverse for Nintendo fans has seemed quite a bit like the popular social networking sites of the current time, but a recent update has subtly pushed the service into even more of a Twitter-like state. Users of Miiverse are now able to post comments on anything they like in their Activity Feed—unlike before, when comments had to be tied into a specific game-related community area.

This update definitely positions Miiverse as a service for more social interaction, especially now that there’s an option to “follow” various users and receive updates on their posts. You’re even able to follow someone who has a full friend list and still see their Activity Feed.

We’ve seen and heard recently how Miiverse is a part of Nintendo’s current strategy to boost brand awareness and brand loyalty, and this is just one more step in the plan of cross-media integration. With the recent browser-based version of the service becoming available and added functionality, it truly has become the social network for Nintendo fans.


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