Super Smash Bros.’s Exclusive 3DS Mode

The Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct revealed there will be a new multiplayer mode for the game exclusive to the 3DS, called “Smash Run.” The mode will give up to four players five minutes to rush through a mixed-up dungeon for various tokens that provide stat boosts for their fighter—everything from speed, jumping, special attack power, to throwing.

Once the five minutes are up—it’s time to battle!

Naturally, the dungeon isn’t just a bit of wandering about, there will be enemies appearing randomly each time you venture through. These baddies could also boost player skills, and there will be items that players can equip before brawling.

In the Nintendo Direct presentation, series creator Masahiro Sakurai revealed that this mode was directly inspired by the City Trial mode from Kirby Air Ride:

“I created that game a while ago, and thought I’d unearth a piece of it and use it in Smash Bros.”

Are you ready to smash, grab, and fight?


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