Check Out The New Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Box Art!

The Nintendo financial results were released today, and while you surely want to know everything about it (do you?), there’s something about staring at numbers for hours on end that requires a corrective behavior of sorts. For example, why not look at some cool art?

Lucky for you, we have an exciting new box art image to show you for the North American version of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, which is heading to these shores sometime next year. As a result, there’s no age rating on the image yet, but it’s still pretty to look at.

You can see in the art that the visuals aren’t going to be as slick as on other platforms, but since this is a 3DS release, it’s kinda nice to see box art that reflects what you’ll be getting when you load up the game.

Plus, look at it—doesn’t that monster make you want to jump in and start the battle?



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