PAX Prime: Second Impressions—Swords & Soldiers II (Wii U)

The reason this is a “Second Impression” post is that we saw this game for the first time at PAX East 2014. In truth, not much (if anything) has changed. Ronimo Games appears to maintain its success with their RTS on a 2D plane concept in this second installment of their series, and as before, it can be played solo or co-op.

In the Prime demo, players were able to play two different factions: Vikings and Imps. With the Vikings, you could build workers, get some ranged units up, try a spell… simple, straightforward, and not too hard to achieve a victory.

The Imps, however, are the more difficult to play. All units are very squishy with only a few hit points, and each unit has a very specific role to fill. You’re able to build towers and defend yourself, and there’s a fairly good sized unit to do so (huge imp with massive shield!), and “super” moves that can be used once you’ve stored up enough energy to use them.

Overall, it’s really not much different than what we saw at East, which is actually a very good thing. And as we mentioned in our East First Impressions post, the humor of the game is what makes it hold its appeal. It’s bizarre, silly, weird, and fun—and really, how can you go wrong with healing hams?

The release date is the one thing that does appear to have changed… at PAX East this year we were told it would be out in a few months, and obviously that did not happen. Here we are at the beginning of September and we still don’t have it, and “end of 2014” is the only commitment we were able to get from the team regarding a release date.

Either way, it’s coming at some point or another, and it should be on your radar if you’re an RTS fan.


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