Art Academy: Home Studio a Wii U Exclusive

It’s time for Art Academy’s return! Art Academy: Home Studio will be arriving in the Wii U eShop as a console exclusive on June 25th. It’s a full retail game, though there will be no boxed copy on store shelves.

The game will have a full toolset and 30 lessons for beginners to learn how to create the art they desire, along with SD card import/exports, and the ability to display your work in a personal gallery. You’ll also be able to share your artistic creations on Miiverse!

There’s an additional key feature to this Art Academy entry which we haven’t seen before: YouTube integration. This is the second Nintendo game, along with Mario Kart 8, to include a tool in-game that allows players to upload videos. With Art Academy, you’ll be able to upload time-lapse videos showing your process to create the artwork, choosing from one, two, or five minute video options.

If you already have Art Academy: Sketchpad on the Wii U, you’ll be eligible for a $4 discount on this title. Pre-purchase is available, should you want to hop on this wagon train right now.


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