Bask in the Beauty of the Launch Edition of Stella Glow

In a little over a month, Stella Glow will be hitting store shelves in North America (November 17th) and we’ve now received details from Atlus regarding the release here. Namely, there will be a gorgeous edition available for pre-order and that the day one copies will be limited.

The price will be $49.99USD/$59.99CDN, and if you’re not sure whether you’re willing to fork over that kind of cash before trying out the game, don’t worry—a demo will be available on October 27th, giving potential players a chance to play through the prologue and get a sense of the gameplay.

Note that progress in the demo will not carry over to the full game.

It’s been a while since we showed you anything about this title, so you may enjoy this new trailer that shows off some of the witch characters you must convince to join you on your quest!


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