Nintendo Shares Finally Level Out After Massive Drop

Last week, Nintendo had a very important meeting with its investors. The company needed to present its strategy for the upcoming year, and this major presentation was given by President Tatsumi Kimishima. Two of the big announcements—which we covered last week—were the first smart device app called Miitomo and the Nintendo Account system.

The Miitomo app, however, was revealed to be planned for release in March 2016 rather than this year. This delay, in combination with the details revealed about the free game, apparently didn’t sit well with the investors. Nintendo’s share value dropped by 9% after the meeting, a trend that continued through to the end of October where it stalled at a 15% decline.

This meant Nintendo’s value sat at $4 billion less than it had been before the meeting, the fastest drop since the rough days of 2011. Not a good sign.

On the other hand, reports are coming in that Nintendo’s shares have leveled off since the end of October, and though this isn’t great news—we’d like to see it increase—these past several days have seen the company stabilize. How will Nintendo bounce back with investors? This remains to be seen, but between now and next year, it’s going to be an interesting road to travel with them.


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