Octopath Traveler Restock Sells Out… in 3 Hours

Oh, Square. You tried. Last week, Square Enix had to issue an apology to game fans after severely underestimating the popularity of Octopath Traveler in Japan. Numerous Japanese fans didn’t have the chance to purchase the game, due to shortages in stock all across the board. Although Square ended up telling fans they could purchase the game on eShop instead, they went ahead and tried to reup what should have been on shelves in the first place…

Well, here we are on the other side of the weekend, and though there was a small restock at Yodobashi Camera (a large gaming and electronics retailer), the game sold out in under three hours, which resulted in Square Enix issuing yet another apology to disappointed fans.

The apology reiterated their efforts to restock and also included a reminder about downloading it from the eShop. While it’s disappointing for fans to have to wait or to go digital, the fact remains that apparently the game shifted 90% of its initial shipment. Talk about an impressive (and successful launch!).

If you’re in Japan and waiting for Octopath Traveler, hold tight. If we get a line on restocks anywhere, we’ll keep you updated.


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