Tetris + Pipe Mania = Powertris!

Today on Nintendo Switch is the launch of an interesting puzzle game called Powertris, which appears to be a blend of Pipe Mania and Tetris—and not a subtle one either. You can see it in the trailer below: players must link falling blocks and make circuits by connecting sockets, ensuring the systems they build are connected to the sockets on the edge of the screen. Naturally there are specials that do things like explode the whole board, and obstacles to maneuver around as you figure out where that next power node needs to link up.

Here’s the official line from Red Dev Studio:

“Powertris is a tribute to logical classic games. By placing blocks, the player must pay attention to whether both sides of the system are connected with the sockets on the edges of the screen. During the game, the player will have to make quick decisions as well as use special blocks.”

You can grab this one for $5.99USD on the eShop today.


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