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By Faith, May 11, 2017 0 E3, News, Switch

Nintendo has confirmed its plans for E3! First, go check out the page here. ( We’ll wait. And now that you’ve had a look at that, let’s break it down. E3 will include what many, many fans have been waiting… Read More »

By Dave, June 29, 2015 0 E3, Rumors

We’ve heard precious little about the NX these days, aside from Nintendo’s insistence that they won’t be giving out details until next year’s E3. The reactions to Nintendo’s claim that they’re starting from zero on this new console range from… Read More »

By Dave, June 19, 2015 0 Amiibo, E3

Yet again, we’re talking about amiibo stock… one day, it’d be nice to write an amiibo post without referring to the ongoing issues. Some figures are still commonly available, of course, but others are ridiculously rare or only available at… Read More »

By Dave, June 18, 2015 0 Amiibo, E3, Mario, Wii U

After the last full day of Nintendo Treehouse coverage, we’ve come out of the event with some great new information and insights into some of the games presented at this year’s event. One of the big, exciting games was Super… Read More »

By Faith, June 18, 2015 0 E3, Mario, Wii U

Would you look at that! Super Mario Maker is heading our way with a gorgeous hardcover art book celebrating Mario’s 30th birthday (and presumably Luigi’s too… poor guy). The Wii U game allows players to create new levels using art… Read More »

By Micah, June 18, 2015 0 E3, Mario, Wii U

Ah, yes… Mario sports. And it’s time for more of it! This week’s Digital Event revealed that Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash will be heading to the Wii U this Chrismas, along with the same kind of arcade-style play you’ve come… Read More »

By Faith, June 17, 2015 0 E3, Luigi, Mario

Here’s some exciting news that we heard during yesterday’s Nintendo Digital Event! Nintendo confirmed that there will be a second AlphaDream game heading to the 3DS called Mario & Luigi Paper Jam. This incredibly fun and ambitious game looks to… Read More »

By Micah, June 17, 2015 0 3DS, E3

In the Western markets, the new Fire Emblem game will be getting a new title. In Japan, it’s known as Fire Emblem If, but in the West we’ll see it as Fire Emblem Fates. It’s a 3DS game that will… Read More »

By Faith, June 17, 2015 0 E3, Wii U, Zelda

Even though Hyrule Warriors Legends was leaked by Tecmo Koei before E3 began, it was still great to see it confirmed during Nintendo’s Digital Event yesterday. The broadcast also added more news, such as the fact that Wind Waker characters… Read More »

By Dave, June 17, 2015 0 3DS, E3, Zelda

Nintendo has given us a new Zelda game to get excited about! The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes is a 3DS title that was revealed during the Digital Event yesterday, and which brings us back to the previous days… Read More »