Japanese 3DS Sales fall off Cliff

In a surprise to no one at all, sales of the 3DS have fallen by 50% week-over-week.  In case you’ve been living under a rock, the reason for this sales decline is the 32% price drop that is forthcoming for the 3DS on August 12th.  You do get some free games if you buy it before then, but quite frankly I’m a little surprised the drop wasn’t bigger.  I’m assuming next week the sales will be even fewer, as there were a couple days of sales before the announcement on the 28th.

The sales chart for Japan for July 25th – July 31st :

This Week       Last Week

PSP       36.659           26.854
PS3       20.704          23.343
Wii        18.232           17.114
3DS       16.415           31.826
DSiLL   5.267             5.258
DSi         4.625             4.921
360        1.616             1.546
PS2        1.594             1.475
DSL         138                 155
PSPGo      7                    14

Does anyone else absolutely love the 7 sales the PSPGo managed? I hope stores keep finding them under the couch cushions so we can keep seeing them reported.  Perhaps the story here really is the 50% drop in PSPGo sales though, the future doesn’t look good for that system with declines like this.



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