Half of Japanese 3DS buyers ‘Disappointed’

Now, I know statistics can be used to say anything, but even so I think these poll numbers are perhaps a little telling about the current attitude gamers in Japan, and by extension probably everywhere else.

In a poll of 6,500 gamers by 4Gamer, over 30% felt ‘anger or regret’ about the price drop, and that the free games did little to assuage this.  If I had purchased the system myself and hadn’t gotten it as a gift, I might very well fall into this camp depending on how exactly the question was worded.  I’d rather use the $80 to buy more games, personally.

49.4% said that they were ‘disappointed’ with the system and the current available games weren’t adequate.  I’d have to agree with the latter half of that statement.  I’m happy with the hardware, but not the software so far.

In a big surprise to me, 45.7% said they were either not planning on buying or were unsure of purchasing Mario Kart 3D and Super Mario 3D Land.  I’m absolutely planning on purchasing both of those on day one.  My biggest complaint has been the lack of games, and these are games. So why wouldn’t I buy them?

Of those who didn’t own a 3DS, 5.4% said they were planning on buying one after the price drop.  Of those who weren’t, 42.1% blamed it on the lack of games and 15.3% said they will never buy one.

Of this group, 65.2% said they were probably going to buy a Playstation Vita.

So what does all this mean?  Well it could mean a great deal, or absolutely nothing at all.  It might just be emotional reaction to the price drop which will clear up by the holidays when (hopefully) great games start coming out one after another.  Of course, it could mean the 3DS is dead with the early adopter crowd, but I think it’s far too early to make any kind of call on that.   How are you feeling about your 3DS or do you have any plans to purchase one now?





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