Metroid: Other M’s story? Not Us! Says Team Ninja

Remember Metroid: Other M?  The Metroid game coming from Team Ninja that everyone was super excited about before it was released?  Then people go their hands on it and struggled to get through what was actually an alright game, because of the re-personalization of Samus.

There were many complaints about how she went from a strong female character to someone who pined over a man, which was something never even hinted at in the previous games. (Metroid manga notwithstanding of course) She was supposed to be THE independent woman, and there was much sadness and internet rage.

Team Ninja noticed, as apparently they too have access to that very same internet.  So, in a recent interview with G4TV, when the interviewer just couldn’t help himself but ask about it in the middle of an talk about Ninja Gaiden 3, Yosuke Hayashi did his best to distance them from the story.

The story for Other M was definitely the product of Mr. Sakamoto at Nintendo. We definitely worked with them on the project, but that was all him. For NG3, we’ve worked with Masato Kato to create our own story. It’s going to be different in a lot of ways. There are definitely things we learned from Other M by working with Mr. Sakamoto and with Nintendo that we’ve applied to the NG development. The actual story that you will experience here, however, will have a very different feel. A “Team Ninja” feel, you might say.

Of course Mr. Sakamoto is Yoshio Sakamoto, the guy who co-created Metroid.  So according to Team Ninja, this story came from the guy who created the series and the character in the first place.  Looks like either he wanted to take a completely new spin on the character and series, or Team Ninja is full of it.  Not sure which it is, honestly.

Thanks G4TV!


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