Origin or Steam on the Wii U?

File this under ‘huge rumor’ for now, but it’s too interesting not to share.  Many PC gamers have been following the failing relationship between EA and Valve, due to EA wanting their own slice of the online PC digital distribution pie.  It’s understandable that EA is seeing the money Valve is making with their Steam service, and wants a part of it.  So they pulled their games from Steam and made them exclusive to their service called Origin.

So why does this matter to you, oh Nintendo fan?  Because the service many PC gamers have been cursing for months may in fact be coming to the next best thing from Nintendo.  Wiiugo has received a tip from an EA intern who is friends with a network engineer, who says that EA is very strongly going after handling online for the Wii U with it’s Origin service.

Nintendo has taken more of a hands off approach to online due in large part to developers wanting a much more open and flexible approach than Xbox Live gives.  Of course, Steam would also fit the bill and is possibly in the running as well.  Should be interesting to see if anything comes of it, personally I’m rooting for Steam. You?



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