New Club Nintendo Site and Rewards, with Games!

The Club Nintendo site went down overnight for some ‘site maintenance’.  What that actually meant was that they were revamping the whole site and adding some new rewards, and some downloadable games that are better than Grill-Off.

Nintendo will now be switching up the games they are offering every month, so if you see one you want and have the coins, best to snatch it up.  The games they’ve got up now are:

  • 3D Classics: Xevious – 3DS – 100 Coins
  • Mario  vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again – 3DS – 150 Coins
  • Super MarioKart (SNES) – Wii – 100 Coins
  • Fluidity – Wii – 150 Coins

A pretty decent selection, if you ask me. They’ve also added some new items, like notebooks and a Zelda poster set.

And, over at Club Nintendo Japan?  They get a gold nunchuk to go along with the Zelda gold special Wiimote, and a 3DS Game case.  No word on if these are coming to North America, but they’re 600 and 150 points respectively, though the nunchuk is 400 if you register Skyward Sword.


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