Pokemon plus Nobunaga

This is apparently a crossover game that I’ve completely missed.  Probably because I had no idea what a Nobunaga was.  I have since been informed that it is a series of military titles in the sengoku period.  Which to us ignorant westerners means Samurai and such.  So… um… what?

‘Ooooh, so it’s like Final Fantasy Tactics but with pokemon and samurai dudes.  Alright, that might be cool.’ you say to yourself.  Well yea, I suppose it is.  It’ll be coming to the DS (not 3DS) in Japan, and I’m not sure if this is a title we’ll see over here.  It might arrive called something like ‘Pokemon Tactics’ or ‘Pokemon Heroes’ or something like that, but there hasn’t been any word yet.  There was a press conference yesterday, and thanks to pokejungle.net we have all kinds of information about the game, if you’re still interested.  You can also head over to the official site if you read Japanese.

  • There have been plans and discussions for a Pokémon x Nobunaga collab for over 3 years.
  • Many gimmicks allow you to create shortcuts (a new one being Ivy for some grass Pokémon)
  • Some Pokémon can leave holes at pivotal parts of the map as traps for the enemy.
  • During battles, General/character events take place depending on how well you do.
  •  Defeat the enemy by defeating them within 15 turns (at least this was the limit in the game shown here) or capture all of their flags.
  • In the original Nobunaga games there are over 40 famous generals. A concern from a fan was brought up as to whether all would be available to play, to which the representative from KOEI responded that he intends to give more information as time goes on, but for the time being he assures that fans of the Nobunaga series won’t be disappointed with the number of Generals.
  • A limited edition Black Rayquaza dragon card will be given with the game (In Japan)
  • Limited edition figures (Nobunaga with Zekrom or Mitsuhide with Articuno) will be given to those who pre-order (In Japan)
  • A question was asked about the roles of Zekrom and Reshiram. Confirming Reshiram’s presence in the game seemed to be strategically avoided by the producer.
  • The game was designed to encompass a wide range of fans from young to old.
  • Oichi’s ability restores some HP of all ally Generals.


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