The Avengers game coming after all?

The fantastic looking The Avengers from THQ unfortunately didn’t survive the closure of the Australian based studio.  Initially nobody was terribly disappointed, as previous Marvel tie-in games like Iron Man and  Captain America: The First Avenger were horrid.  Then this footage came to light:

Which actually looked like it could’ve made a decent game, but alas it was not to be.  So we’re talking about it again, because of a registered domain name.  Remember to take this with a grain of salt, but let’s talk about what we know.  Thanks to Fusible, we know that MarkMonitor, a brand protection company, registered the domain  They did so on behalf of Marvel Characters Inc, and the url shows up on Ubisoft’s nameservers and

That’s also odd because Ubisoft doesn’t make Marvel games.  The Avengers license isn’t officially anywhere, as Sega only had the deal for the individual characters Captain America, Thor, Iron Man and the Hulk.  That deal has been renewed as of last year.

Now to the speculation: Ubisoft has made terrible licensed games.  But as digitaltrends pointed out, they did make the excellent sprite-based brawler for Scott Pilgrim vs The World.  Now if we get a sprite brawler or a first person beat-em-up like the footage above, I’ll be happy.  Or at least happier than a horribly generic game like anything Sega has been pumping out.


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