Confirmed Sequel for Samurai Warriors on 3DS

Whether you liked the hack-and-slash battling of Samurai Warriors: Chronicles or not, fact is fact – there’s been a confirmation of a sequel release for Japan, along with a release date of September 13th.

This is one of those series where critics and gamers tend to be divided, but like many divisive titles and series, the loyal fanbase is loud enough that game-makers have sat up to listen.

The confirmation comes from Tecmo Koei, who says the new title for the 3DS will be called Samurai Warriors Chronicle 2nd. The main campaign mode is rumoured to have multiple endings out of branching paths within the game, and there will also be a mission mode called “Moushou Enbu” that supports online rankings and, yes, local multiplayer.

Will the sequel make it out of Japan? While that’s still to be seen, because the first title was a worldwide release, the loud fanbase may be able to make it happen… so if you’re a fan of this series, be sure to make your voice heard, and get those thumbs warmed up and ready!


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