Wii U GamePad Battery Keeping it Cool

Or so we hope.

It’s not unusual for Nintendo to keep tech specs close to the chest until launch, so while there’s been some questioning over the battery life for the GamePad, we haven’t received much in the way of specs or affirmation until now. In his interview over on Kotaku, Nintendo of America’s President Reggie Fils-Aime refused to be sucked into the rumor mill’s assertion that the device will only have three to five hours of battery life per charge.

Here’s what he had to say:

“I have to say that, as a company, we are amazingly conservative when it comes to giving guidance on things like battery life. If you go back to the 3DS discussion on battery life, the numbers we gave before launch vs. the reality of launch were very different. So what I would tell you is that Nintendo is absolutely committed to making sure that the battery life for the Wii U will not get in the way of the gaming experience.”

Head on over to Kotaku to read more from this interview, but this was the same interview where we learned that the Friend Codes would return on Wii U, though they’d be “simpler.”

You’ll also find that he had a few things to say about moderating in the MiiVerse (ie. parental controls). So while the MiiVerse sounds like it may be shaping up nicely, you might want to invest in a decent battery charger in the meantime.

Then again, who knows! We won’t know for sure until launch.


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