Kid Icarus Soundtrack for Japan

Kid-Icarus-Uprising-featured-imageThough it may not be getting a sequel, Kid Icarus Uprising is getting a three disc – that’s right, three disc – CD soundtrack release will be released in Japan on August 21st this year.

Response to the music of the game has been positive so far, so it’s no surprise that they’ll need more than one disc to hold all the tunes.

The price point will set you back a pretty penny, though—at nearly $45 USD (¥3,570), importing this may turn out to be an option for superfans only, as it doesn’t look like Nintendo of America will be selling it though their online store.

Thus far, we also haven’t heard what the difference will be between this release and the 25-track album released through Japan’s Club Nintendo, though it’s probably not far too to speculate that it will contain much of the same music with the expansion of two extra discs.


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