American & European Sales Momentum Slows

It’s no surprise that the 3DS’s sales in Japan have kept it at the top of the hardware charts for months, and is still outselling every other console out there combined. The problem is… everywhere else.

No, the sales aren’t as bad as last year, when we saw a price drop on the system, but it’s still slow enough to prompt Nintendo to say something about it. When the question of the company’s declining share prices came up, Satoru Iwata admitted that the 3DS’s sales were, in fact, part of the problem.

He also mentioned that the release of the 3DS XL in conjunction with New Super Mario Bros. 2 is where they hope to recapture a bit of momentum, though there is the differentiation in cultures to consider as well. In Japan, handhelds are far more prominent among the general population.

Here’s hoping Mario’s return can give the system a much-needed boost in August.


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