Plenty o’ Surprises for Adventure Time Collector’s Edition

The 3Ds game based on the cult cartoon Adventure Time is on its way this fall, entitled Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why’d You Steal Our Garbage?!

Some retailers have listed the game already for around $30, with the collector’s edition coming in at just under $40 on and Gamers will be able to purchase the game on both DS and 3DS, but of course, what you really want to know is, what’s in the collector’s edition?

It’s not too bad, and may be worth the extra ten bucks to you. The CE comes in a steelbook, and contains a poster map of the Land of Ooo, Finn & Jake’s Monster Manual, and a limited edition replica stylus of Finn’s Gold Sword. And, uh, the game.

That said, you’re SOL if you live in North America, for now at least. Sorry…!


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