Rhythm Thief Grooves onto iOS

In a bit of news that follows this week’s announcement one of Professor Layton’s upcoming titles is due to make the jump to Android and iOS, it seems that another DS/3DS title is making its way to smartphones everywhere in the near future—soon, we’ll see Rhythm Thief & the Emperor’s Treasure on mobile devices, according to SEGA’s page for the Tokyo Game Show.

We bring it up because we really enjoyed Rhythm Thief here at Nintendo Fire, and we’re curious to see how these DS/3DS titles stack up once they make the leap to tablet & phone gaming. Similar to what we heard about the Layton title, the game will be free with add-ons to purchase. It’ll have to be re-jigged somewhat in order to accommodate the different gaming style needed for mobile games, and will likely see shorter sessions of play (ie. you probably won’t spend a half hour roaming around Paris looking for sounds) and have some kind of added social feature.

The development is in its earliest stages, with screenshots for the announcement being 3DS stills, as it looks like they’re not quite ready to provide more details or images for how the game will change. How the changes will accommodate the story is another question entirely, since it was by and large the main driving force behind keeping the 3DS title intriguing and motivating the minigames.

It’ll be interesting to see whether it stays story-based, like producer Shun Nakamura intended with the original game’s creation, or if the experience will become an entirely different creature on the smartphone platform.


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