Zombie Skape Shuffles Onto DSiWare

The publisher EnjoyUp Games—behind such well-received titles as Chrono Twins and La Mulana—announced a new game called Zombie Skape for DSiWare. There’s no official release date set for the game as of today, but the publisher has described it as an arcade-style game with a “terrifying atmosphere.”

A brief synopsis released by EnjoyUp introduces us to the protagonist Ethan, who wants to be “number one” at skateboarding, surpassing his boarding idol Johnny Eagle… but of course, he’s surrounded by zombies one day at the skate park, and needs to skate his way to safety, using all his skills. While saving girls along the way, because apparently they can’t rescue themselves. Or run.

It sounds a little strange, but EnjoyUp has released decent titles in the past, so here’s hoping this one keeps up the good run.


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