DLC Planned for New Super Mario Bros. U

We saw Nintendo’s first foray into DLC with New Super Mario Bros. 2, bringing something new to the franchise that other platforms had long since ventured into. And while there were mixed reactions to the extra content (most of which extended the playability of Coin Rush mode), it’s been confirmed that we’ll see DLC on a Nintendo system again—specifically in New Super Mario Bros. U.

In an Iwata Asks interview on Nintendo’s website, the team explained how there is new content planned for the Wii U Mario game, but as of yet the development hasn’t started. So, it’s still a mystery which modes will see new material.

Here’s a quick little snippet from the interview, but to read the whole thing, head over here

Iwata: “As with New Super Mario Bros. 2 for the Nintendo 3DS, you’re talking about the additional courses.”

Tezuka: “Yes. We’re trying to think of ways of play that are different from New Super Mario Bros. 2, but we haven’t made anything yet!” (laughs)

Iwata: “Right, rather than distributing content that’s premade at a later date, you’re going to start working on it now.”

Iwamoto: “Yes. The mechanism for adding courses is already there, so please stand by for an update on what they’ll be like.”

So… more content will be on the way, but when and what remains to be seen!


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