“Year of Luigi” Brings New Super Luigi U Content

During the Nintendo Direct broadcasts yesterday in both North America and Europe, Satoru Iwata appeared wearing a stylish green hat, declaring this the “Year of Luigi.” It’s about time that the green plumber gets some spotlight time of his own, as Mario has definitely hogged the line-up for a number of years now. This year, we’ll see Luigi starring in a number of his own games, including a large DLC pack for New Super Mario Bros. U… titled New Super Luigi U.

This extended DLC will contain 80 levels (!!!) which are alternate versions of the ones found in the original Wii U game. The levels will showcase Luigi and offer “a whole new level of gameplay challenge.” We’re thinking that this one will be released as a full DLC package, rather than broken up into stages—and while Iwata didn’t mention a release date, he definitely said it would be coming this year.

Price and multiplayer weren’t mentioned in the announcement, but at 80 additional levels, it probably won’t be the cheapest thing you’ve ever downloaded. Still, if you purchase this you’ll apparently be able to move freely between these new levels and the original game stages—an interesting and enticing way of adding content, we think.


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