Surprise Ubisoft Sale, Code Name “Please Don’t Hate Us”

Well, well, well… seems that Ubisoft is still feeling the heat over the recent announcement that Rayman Legends would be delayed until September, and is no longer a Wii U exclusive. There were many, many excited Wii U owners whose dreams for playing the game in just a few weeks were crushed, and protests have been quite vocal—and even the dev team made a significant show of support for the outrage.

And until yesterday, Ubisoft had gone silent. If you recall, we posted an article about the creative director and senior game designer’s announcement that the Wii U would be receiving an exclusive online challenge mode for Rayman Legends this April, for free download through the eShop. It was considered a peace offering, but apparently they weren’t quite certain that would be enough.

Because now we have confirmation that there are six Ubisoft games on the Wii U that have received a 30% price cut for a week-long promo in the North American eShop. The games are on sale from now until February 26th, and include these titles:


Assassin’s Creed III – Now $41.99 (discounted from $59.99)

ESPN Sports Connection – Now $34.99 (discounted from $49.99)

Just Dance 4 – Now $34.99 (discounted from $49.99)

Rabbids Land – Now $34.99 (discounted from $49.99)

Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2013 – Now $34.99 (discounted from $49.99)

ZombiU – Now $41.99 (discounted from $59.99)


Coincidence that this has happened at this particular time? We think not.

Currently, there are no offers along the same lines in the European Wii U eShop, but we’ll keep our ears open for updates.


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