Wii U Menu Update Halves Load Time

As part of some forthcoming updates for the Wii U from Nintendo, the spring and summer software updates will address one of the most annoying features of the console—load times for navigating the main user interface.

In anticipation of fixing load times, Nintendo has released a video that shows us exactly how much faster the load times will be after the update. In the video, you’ll see a direct comparison between the current load time and what it’ll be after the update.

Presently, getting back to the home menu takes about 20 seconds, which feels like a century in this age of split-second page loads online. After the update, it’ll take about 8 seconds. And yes, 8 seconds is still a few seconds too many, but it’s a significant upgrade in speed that’ll hopefully increase everyone’s overall enjoyment of the Wii U system.

And, fingers crossed, maybe move a few more units.


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