Mega Man Anniversary Statue Hits It Big

If you’re a gamer, you know that this is the 25th anniversary of Capcom’s blue-armored hero Mega Man. So far, Capcom has done a few things in celebration, such as the free PC crossover game Street Fighter X Mega Man, as well as a USB drive and a special anniversary laptop in Japan.

Still, it’s not a new Mega Man game, which is what we’re all waiting for.

That said, Capcom is keeping quiet on that front, but is giving up its latest for the Blue Bomber’s birthday. If you’re headed to San Diego Comicon or E3, you’ll have the chance to get your photo taken with a life-sized Mega Man statue! And if you’re aching for more after seeing the statue in person—or you’re just a huge Mega Man fan with plenty of extra cash lying around—you can purchase a miniature version of the statue from Capcom’s store

, as announced at PAX East.

We can only imagine what the giant Mega Man statue will go for on eBay one of these days…

The figurine will be one sale for only two weeks, until midnight April 21st. And it’ll set you back $99.95. Mind you, it also happens to be 10 inches tall with USB-powered LED lights on the base that illuminate Mega Man as if he’s standing in a spotlight… and there are lights on his helmet and blaster.

It’s not cheap, but it’s not cheaply constructed either. Mega Man fans, start your wallets…


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