Rayman Legends Wii U Stealth Stage Sneak Peek

While we’re still a little ways away from the (*cough*delayed*cough*) release of Rayman Legends, Ubisoft is continuing to build hype for the game (and re-build trust in themselves). Although the game is now going to be released on every system except for the 3DS, the videos below shows us that this might be worth giving up the grudge for.

Those of you who don’t like in-game spoilers, look away now—but if you’re eager to know what I’m talking about, Official Nintendo Magazine’s two videos demonstrate different aspects of the upcoming game. The first video is for a Wii U exclusive level, “The Deadly Lights.” You’ll see light-based stealth elements (dur) in that one… while the second video shows off a Boss Level, where players fight a large, mechanical dragon.

Like what you see? That’s good, because apparently the Boss Levels were created out of time gained by the game’s delay. Does that make it worth the wait? We shall see.


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