Project CARS Footage Spins Its Wheels

There’s been plenty of buzz coming from Slightly Mad Studios about its upcoming game Project CARS—focusing on the key areas of visuals, community involvement, and gameplay realism—which has hyped up expectations on the player end of things.

But even reassurances that the Wii U version won’t be “crappy” can’t guarantee the game will be any good, so it’s nice to see some brand new footage released from the upcoming 2014 title. This video is considered pre-alpha footage, and it’s… well, it’s shiny.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed that the Wii U version will come from what we’re seeing in the video. While it’s too early to make any real judgement calls, what we’re seeing looks good, so we’re staying hopeful with our fingers crossed.

Petrol heads, give the video a watch and tell us what you think!


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