Epic Mega Man Art Book Headed Our Way

If you’ve been following game news for any amount of time, you’ve likely noticed that with this being the 25th anniversary of Mega Man, Capcom has been releasing various items and retro games to celebrate the event. And now it looks like it may have been saving its best not-a-new-Mega-Man-game product for last, with Udon Entertainment  releasing details on a brand new, upcoming official series art book: MM25: Mega Man & Mega Man X Official Complete Works.

This book will arrive in North America this September, retailing for $60 (though the Amazon pre-order page has it discounted to $42.31 at the time of posting). The book will be 432 pages long, chock full of artwork and special content that features both classic Mega Man and the Mega Man X series. The official blurb on the book promises you’ll also find exclusive goodies and interviews inside.

MM25: Mega Man & Mega Man X Official Complete Works is an in-depth chronicle of the amazing art created across 25 years of games in the Mega Man series by the good folks at Capcom! Featuring over 400 pages of official game art, concept designs and sketches, rare pin-ups, and all-new tribute art, this is a stunning art book collection that every fan of the Blue Bomber will want on their shelves. UDON Entertainment has faithfully translated the entire book into English, including production notes, creator comments, and three all-new exclusive interviews with the creators from across the history of the series!”

And if you happen to be headed to San Diego Comic-Con this year, you’ll have the chance to purchase a beautiful limited edition hardcover from Udon Entertainment, sold on a first-come-first-served basis. It’ll sell for $100… and no doubt it’ll sell out quickly.

If there does happen to be any product remaining, it’ll be released on the company’s website and sold at PAX Prime this August. Click that link above in the first paragraph to head to Udon’s site and read a bit more about their appearance at Comic-Con!

Preview some of the upcoming artwork from the book below!







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