Photos with Mario Sneaks into eShop

When was the last time you used an AR code on your 3DS? No, seriously. Do you even remember where your AR cards are? You might want to take a few minutes to dig them up, because there’s a brand new AR game from Nintendo called Photos with Mario.

It’s free! And… well, it seems like Nintendo doesn’t really care if you know about it or not. And if you try to find it in the eShop, you may be looking for awhile, as it’s tucked away in a random corner. In fact, just try searching for it by name. It’ll save time.

The game is intended to be used with a special package of Mario-themed AR cards (packaged with eShop cards for $10, exclusively at Target), but you can actually just download the app and scan in the AR images on your computer for free.

Is that a bad thing? We’re not sure, because Nintendo doesn’t seem  to be actively trying to stop the spread of the AR card images online. That said, they didn’t really care to let anyone know about the game either, so are we really surprised?

We’ll try it out and let you know what it’s like, but all things considered, it’s a free little game—so why not check it out? At the very least, it’ll be worth a few minutes of your time to see Mario or Yoshi appear on your kitchen table.


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