Costume Quest 2 Coming in 2014

Later this year, we’ll see a sequel to one of the most acclaimed and well-received (and fun!) downloadable titles from 2010. Double Fine Productions has confirmed Costume Quest 2 for the Wii U eShop, and the new title will return the focus to turn-based battles and—of course—trick-or-treating.

The dastardly Grubbins will be back to bother our young heroes Reynold and Wren, giving them all the more reason to suit up in Halloween costumes with special powers to battle the baddies.

Double Fine has fine-tuned the combat system for the sequel, and the range of costumes will be much wider. From the sounds of things, the game will be richer and even more rewarding for trick-or-treating players. Greg Rice of Double Fine has talked about Costume Quest 2 and why they finally decided to go ahead with a second game:

“It’s probably our most requested sequel, besides Psychonauts. People have been asking for it forever. I think it’s that every Halloween you’re reminded about the game. We have a lot of people who are coming back to us saying they replay it every year.”

And while the first title wasn’t available on a Nintendo console, this time around, we’ll see it on the Wii U. That’s good news for folks who enjoyed the first game on a different console, but have since moved on!


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