Shovel Knight Sales Figures Tell the Tale

It’s rare to hear the sales figures for indie games, let alone major releases (aside from shareholder meeting notes), but Yacht Club Games has blown the doors wide open on the story of their incredible hit game Shovel Knight. From the initial Kickstarter to the first full month of release, the full story of the game has been posted—complete with sales figures for the Wii U and 3DS eShops, as well as the numbers from Steam.

The post also lists data figures regarding what kind of expense goes into developing a game like this, and how the Kickstarter was used to cover game-making costs.

Aside from being a really interesting set of data, it’s a show of faith from Yacht Club Games—especially considering some recent Kickstarter fiascos, and many games or items that backers are still waiting for.

To provide a brief overview of the posted numbers (though we recommend you check it out yourself(, Shovel Knight exceeded sales projections in week one after release, and to date has sold approximately 180,000 copies on all available platforms. Read the full article to see how that number broke down across the various platforms!

We’re crossing our fingers that these numbers mean we just might see a Shovel Knight 2 sometime in the future…


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