Bravely Second Trailer’s Stunning Visuals

While the 3DS in its current incarnation may be on the way out, there are still plenty of games coming to the system before the new model hits shelves… and while this may mean additional games with lower resolution than optimal, it’s remarkable what can still be done with the current model.

For example, Bravely Second—the sequel to the critically acclaimed and well-received Bravely Default—looks like it will be among those titles that truly takes full advantage of what the current 3DS is capable of. Square Enix’s newest trailer for the game shows off just how incredible the game designers have managed to make the 3DS game appear, displaying both cut scenes and some in-game footage.

While there’s been no official announcement of this RPG title coming to the West, since Bravely Default’s sales over here were very, very notable, we suspect we’ll hear more soon.


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