Date for Xenoblade Chronicles 3D in North America

Settle down, North America… we finally have an official release date for your copies of Xenoblade Chronicles 3D. You already know that it’s being released in Europe on April 2nd, but you’ll get it a few days later on April 10th. Got that?

The info came in the form of a flashy trailer that sets up the story for the game, and which also is a fairly not-subtle promotional vehicle for the New Nintendo 3DS and this exclusive title.

We’re also seeing details emerge about in-game tokens that will unlock extras like music and character models. These can be collected through StreetPass, and also through the game’s amiibo support via tapping the Shulk amiibo on the handheld console.

That latter bit of information may have you in a tizzy, considering how rare the Shulk amiibo has been up to this point in North America. Perhaps Nintendo will re-release it? But don’t hold your breath…


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