Flipnote Studio 3D is… Delayed. Again. Of Course.

The title really says it all, and since you probably weren’t expecting Flipnote Studio 3D to ever actually make it onto your 3DS, you can just scroll on past.

But, if you want some more info, okay. Read on. You already know that the end of Club Nintendo has been announced, and that we’re in the final months before it disappears. There have been new rewards posted, and one of the items up for grabs for all members is the long-awaited Flipnote Studio 3D, a sequel to the Nintendo classic Flipnote Studio for DSi.

After many delays and changes to the game (paring it down, really), the game went up for download this week as Nintendo promised… but it only took a short time before the surge in traffic to grab the game caused the North American Club Nintendo site to crash.

Naturally, the volume of visitors to Club Nintendo is going to be high right now, since members want to make use of their coins before they lose them. However, this crash means that Flipnote Studio 3D will be delayed release until later this month.

If you’re frustrated, you’re not alone… but at least it’s still on the way?


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