Stretch Goal Achieved for Children of Morta

With the plethora of projects on crowd-funding sites like Kickstarter, how is a person to know what projects to back, what projects to pay attention to, and what ones to run far, far away from? It’s a bit of a crap shoot, but it helps when various media outlets begin highlighting projects. We’re going to try and do that a bit here with a game called Children of Morta, by Dead Mage, a Texas-based developer.

Children of Morta has taken the pixel-based visual route, and it looks fantastic. This is a visual style that’s coming back into vogue these days, but it’s not an easy one to get right. However, this title appears to be doing it well. That’s worth paying attention to! The game is a story-based adventure with hack & slash elements, and the story surrounds an entire family that is included as playable characters.

Each member of the Bergson family has its own style of movement and actions, and there will be optional co-op for those who want to play with others. The game has passed its Kickstarter target of $65,000 as well as the $100,000 stretch goal, which means it should be coming to the Wii U sometime in the future. It’ll doubtless make plenty of progress from here on out, so we’ll keep you updated as news comes down the pipeline.

For more info on the game and a look at how it’s shaping up, take a look at the trailer from the Kickstarter page!


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